What Do You Know About The Best Longboard?

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Skateboarding is a sport of high difficulty, requiring the strict technical. So to play this discipline did not require technical technology, it is from the players, but also need to have a quality skateboard good enough.

You are finding a good longboard to play. But you don’t know how to choose suitable longboard. This article will be a Source for you to select. The longboards santa cruz will help you so much to implement this sport. You can try to buy one.

Skateboards have many different kinds of quality, originating from different places, but do not necessarily want to play the sport who also knows all about this product line to be able to choose for themselves the appropriate board’s best.

Here we would like to introduce you to the boarding Skateboard product line. This is the most dedicated boards, now widely used in many countries and other countries.

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So why is the popular skateboard line like that? Following we would like to give some technical parameters of this line so that you understand and can choose the best one and the appropriate games like that.

Specifications Of Skateboard Sport:

Normally a skateboard plank length about 80cm, width 20 cm, 10 cm high

Anatomy of a Skateboard include: the planks, axes. Wheels and bearings … design looks quite simple, but actually it requires a lot of strict technical.

Front plank: wood molding high mortgage, can withstand the weight of up to 150kg. Scabrous help somewhat sticking pins in the course of play, not slippery.

Plank shaft: alloy very solid, almost impossible cracking or distortion curve.

Rubber wheels with ABEC 7 bearings good quality … can be changed if necessary.

To play this discipline is relatively easy to not take a long time, children aged 5 and older are playable this subject, but to play in a professional manner and do difficult moves such as the professional skater it should have a long time with the continuous learning. Together with it also an important thing that you have to choose for themselves a real good games. wish you early success to pursue his passion.

The novice skaters should use circular curved shape skis because the ability to hug the foot very well and also high stability

Image result for Curved Claws Plank Format

The surface shape of the skis a lot to influence the process of using and playing with a skateboard, and skateboard manufacturers are constantly researching and created the skateboard star shape to fit each item uses different skis, help support positive for the use of high efficiency skis

A Skateboard With Good Shape To Ensure The Following Elements:

Embracing good leg (foot plank from falling off while skateboarding)

Support to good games (for games easily scooped, more accurate)

Ability to switch operations using easily

Therefore, to create this kind of good skis, the manufacturers had to experiment a lot, to make different types of skis to suit each use, you refer to the table below for get fit skateboard shape your goals with circular curved plank format

 Shape Is The Most Popular Skateboard

For better ability to hug the foot. This kind of sport is stable, easy to control. It is suitable for the most different types of skateboarding

Curved Claws Plank Format

Special shape of circular curved boards. Give the ability to hug the foot and retain very good, and almost “foot locker” in skateboard. It is safer, and matching newcomers plucking more sport for you.

Image result for Curved Claws Plank Format

The W Shaped

W-shaped skateboard not expand the size of the boards that focus on the heel part of broader set

It is able to move better motivation to toe. Increase the precision of manipulation and the ability to be quickly tossed planks, lightweight and more precise. Mainly found in the terrain skateboard performances Basin


There are two headers skis slope or different shapes. Give the ability to create good momentum for the foot during tossed planks. It often seen in the skis perform better


As no form of skis flat envelope that whole. Using of all kinds of classic skis or skis long form. Let users set foot space, create stability in the process of sliding on flat terrain. Users have more space to affirm style with drawings directly on skis

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