Some Advices To Choose The Best Scope For Your Rifle

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A rifle with a rifle scope will be very different compared with a naked rifle – that is big difference about accuracy, range, reliability and effect. According to rifle scope reviews, rifle scope is very helpful to help users improve skill as well as effect when shooting. If you had experience in this field then choosing suitable rifle scope is not too difficult with you however if you are beginner then surely this is not simple job. In fact, it is not too hard to own the best scope – you just need to follow some simple advices below.

 Find Basic Knowledge About Rifle Scope

Just like other accessories, in order to choose the best scope firstly you need to find the basic knowledge about this accessory. Basically, rifle scope is an accessory of rifle and it is usually chosen to improve feature for rifle. Main feature of it is to increase accuracy, range, and effect of rifle when shooting. When using this accessory, users will not have to worry about accuracy when implementing shots at long range. There are many types of scope on the market but people usually classify them into two main types including variable power scope and fixed scope power scope. Therein, variable power scope is more popular than fixed scope power.

 Some Advices When Choosing Rifle Scope

There are many factors which you need to consider when choosing a scope for your rifle. Firstly, you need to choose type of scope. As mentioned above, there are two main types of scope on the market and each type will have own pros and cons to be suitable with own purpose. Firstly, you need to learn about magnification level of scope. Magnification level is a parameter which shows ability to zoom image at long distance of scope – this parameter is very important with a scope.


As its name, variable power scope is designed with variable magnification level that means this type will have many different magnification level and users completely can adjust this parameter depending on each shot. Fixed power scope is designed with fixed magnification level that means user just has only magnification level and they will not be able to adjust magnification level when using this type. Normally, a variable power scope will be suitable choice for hunting and a fixed power scope will be suitable choice for practicing or competition.

Next, you need to consider about size of objective lens. Objective lens is lens which is put inside scope and having direct effect to image quality of scope. Normally, a scope with large objective lens is always good choice in any case. Large objective combining with large exit pupil will help your scope have better light transmission. Light transmission ability of scope is usually measured by percent. A scope with light transmission 98% is perfect however it is usually manufactured limited therefore price of it is very expensive.


Most of rifle scopes are designed with light transmission about 90 to 95% although it is not good as 98% but it is still very great for hunting. In addition, you should also choose size of objective lens based on light condition. If you usually use your rifle in low light condition such as hunting in the night then you should also consider about scope with large objective lens – this thing will allow you implementing shots more accurate. Of course, price of it is higher therefore if you just want to use scope in daylight so you just need to choose scope with objective lens about 33 to 40 millimeters to save cost.

Therein, exit pupil is small beam of light which you can see through ocular lens of scope. This is image of target coming out from scope. Size of exit pupil has to be suitable with size of objective lens. There is a formula to calculate size of exit pupil based on size of objective lens: exit pupil = diameter of objective lens dividing for magnification of scope. Just like objective lens, a scope with large exit pupil is always good choice normally 7 millimeters will be perfect size for exit pupil while 1.5 millimeters is always bed choice for this accessory.


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